• Automated tax collection and disbursement process software


This business provides a server based software product(s) for local taxing authorities such as town, city, county, and school district tax collecting authorities.  Candidates for this position must have experience and demonstrated performance working in a non-web site based environment utilizing .Net; C#; SQL; XAML; ASP.Net; and Entity Framework. Experience with VB6 is a plus.  The successful candidate will have worked in a business application environment creating software and customized options to meet valid customer requirements.  This person needs to have solid customer support experience with demonstrated customer satisfaction results.  The work environment puts a premium on initiative, flexibility, problem solving, team work, positive customer relations, self-confidence, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

As a programmer or support person, this job requires a willingness to be flexible and to switch priorities frequently.  Most programming is to fix a minor problem unique to a customer and to create a script to get the result required without interfering with the basic program.  This requires knowing the customer’s needs and translating that into a solution.  Working directly with customers must be a skill and preference of the applicant.  One must have knowledge of financial principles, the customer’s business practices, and meeting the tax code requirements.  Customers have variable levels of knowledgeable staff members and they must all be treated with respect and dignity.  So often the success or failure in our work is HOW you deal with the customer and completing the details.  You must be willing to “finish the paperwork” to be sure all the requirements of the project or task is completed. 

This business is faced with the constant changing of priorities, sometimes hourly.  Our customers are tax collecting bodies and their work must be accurate and current.  We are responsible for providing them with the product that allows them to meet that objective.  Their product is dependent on the quality of our work and products.  We follow a tax calendar that starts with converting the appraisal district data to our tax collection product as well as updating the software when legislative changes are made.  This is then followed by creating tax statements, accounting for payments and maintaining the records as they change. 

If you believe you can be a strong contributor in this environment and have a passion for meeting and exceeding customer requirements as well as the necessary skills to carry out the effort, we would like the opportunity to talk with you about this position.  Please submit your resume with a statement of your interest and experience in the customer support role as well as your programming experience.

Below is a list of skills and items that are necessary for a person to succeed in this organization:

  • Job requires flexibility and a willingness to frequently switch priorities
  • Problem solving (analytical) skills are required greater than programming
  • This job focuses on maintenance and not new development
  • Troubleshoot and test for quality assurance
  • Having and applying intuition based upon experience
  • Knowledge of customer’s business is a must(tax, business rules and accounting)
  • Ability to research and identify sources of assistance outside of company
  • Ability to teach/train others on how to use a program/program change,  and possible implications
  • Work requires taking ownership for solving customer’s needs
  • Ability to set and manage to priorities and manage within the constant changing of priorities
  • Ability to work with competent and less than competent clients (systems, accounting, tax collection)
  • Often times one must manage self and clients through change
  • Understand the defined  customer experience and its application through a project to completion
  • Willing to deal with the details and little things to complete an assignment on time

(The job is not complete until the paperwork is finished and the customer is satisfied)

  • Knowing when to challenge conventional wisdom and knowing when to “follow the rules”
  • Ability to differentiate between “just get the job done” vs. quality assurance
  • Have a programming mentality with an empathetic customer service approach
  • Have respect for all levels of staff members
  • Have a demonstrated strong desire to be constantly  learning
  • Not afraid to make a mistake and learn from it
  • Exceed your own expectations
  • Demonstrated desire to excel past the most knowledgeable person in the group
  • Be the best at satisfying the customer
  • Always wanting to know how and why something works and not just the answer
  • Always willing to learn from others new ways as to how to do something
  • Create extensive notes and “how to” steps for future referral
  • Be overly friendly and helpful to customers and ask questions about their job to learn and to be more helpful
  • Ask customers questions about tax laws and let them be the teacher
  • Questioning why/what something is and over analyzing to learn
  • Hard working, desire to learn, seek knowledge, willing to try new things, take calculated chances, learn from mistakes, learn from others
  • Excited about seeing results



  • Must have skills in .Net; C#; SQL; XAML; ASP.Net; and Entity Framework
  • VB6 experience is a plus
  • Customer Support function a major responsibility of this position
  • Experience and knowledge of basic financial systems
  • Ability to read code and identify potential conflicts
  • Can simplify the process of taking  inputs and create a design document from which to program
  • Crystal Reports, Active Reports, DevExpress Reports


.Net; C#; SQL; XAML; ASP.Net; and Entity Framework.  Experience with VB6 is a plus

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